Our Instructors are more than just costumes.

Each of our instructors comes to us not only with a huge amount of experience as an educator, but also as a passion for learning. They know that the best way to reach children is through learning and positive interaction. So, they wear the costume to show how much they care for your child! Our teacher’s write stories about their characters that reflect positive choices and good morals. Their lessons will reveal narratives that prove truth and justice are always the best choices!

Now Hiring Super Heroes!

Come join us! We are hiring! We will back with you shortly to schedule an audition. You should be prepared to demonstrate experience teaching online as well as an original character prepared for an audition.

Lindsey Carson

Sophia Singer

Cheryl Barkley

Who We Are...

Super Hero ESL has consistently adhered to the teaching philosophy of “pure North American foreign teachers, pure American curriculum standards”, and we guarantee the high quality teaching levels of all foreign teachers.
We are seeking to employ foreign teachers who have graduated from Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other world famous schools, most of them have high-quality higher education background. Super Hero ESL’s foreign teachers are from North America, have a pure pronunciation, are familiar with North American culture, and have an international perspective.

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